Thursday, 7 December 2017

Easy but Effective Home Staging Tips

Easy but Effective Home Staging Tips
There are many things you need to as homeowner when you are trying to sell it. The most important among this is to prepare your home before listing. Your aim should be to create a create impression on potential buyers so that they are encouraged to make good offers. Here are some very good tips to make your home look beautiful, big, and inviting to the visitors during staging.

Begin with cleaning
The biggest impression that you can make on the visitors is through a house that is sparkling clean. This cleaning should cover everything from floors and the walls to carpets, furniture, and furnishings. Do not forget to clean the fireplace also. Clean the windows so that the visitors do not spot any dirt or dust on the glasses. It also helps in increasing the natural light inside your home.

Get rid of clutter
If you are trying to sell the house when still living in it, make sure that you can remove most of the furniture and other items that make your rooms look smaller than they actually are. Rooms packed with furniture not only look small but also leave little room for imagination for the visitors. Pack and move all items that you can live without for a while.

Go for a paintjob
The smell and appeal of freshly painted house is unmatched and very inviting. Go for bright and vibrant colors and use different shades of the same color in adjacent areas to highlight features of your house. Painting of a house is quick and inexpensive and it helps in creating a warm and vibrant look that looks very attractive to the potential buyers.

Set up the place
Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer. He comes over in search for his dream home. You have to think according to his perspective to create the scene inside your house. Place logs in the fireplace, decorate the dining table with cutlery and flowers, and place newspaper and magazines on the centre table to create a beautiful living atmosphere. Pay special attention to your bathroom and kitchen to make them look clean, organized, and appealing to eyes. Add new shower curtains, dry towels, and new soaps inside the bathroom to make it look inviting. Your aim should be to capture his imagination so that he envisions living inside your home along with his family. And yes, do not forget to spray room fresheners and burn scented candles to make the ambience alluring and inviting.

Clean and beautify the area approaching the entrance
Many owners work hard to clean their homes from inside but forget or ignore the area outside the entrance of their house. You will be surprised to know that many visitors have more or less made up their minds about buying a property even before setting foot inside. The trick lies in creating a great impression on them by making the approach clean and beautiful. Remove the dad leaves, trim the hedges, place pots with flowering plants, and place a new doormat in front of the entrance.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage Deal

Tips for Getting the Best Mortgage Deal
If you feel that the time has come when you should buy a home, you also need to arrange the money for this big real estate transaction. Unless you are very wealthy, you have to depend upon financing of your project by a lender. Yes, interest rates are still low and the banks are also making available money to home buyers. But how do you make sure that you get the best mortgage deal that is perfect according to your circumstances.

Check your credit
For the loan officer, the most important document when deciding your mortgage loan application is your credit report. Check your credit report by obtaining a fresh report from one of the credit bureaus. Do not rush to apply for a loan if your score is average or poor. You are perceived as a risk if you have a mediocre score of 650-699. You are also awarded a mortgage rate that is higher than the lowest rate advertised by the bank. It is better to work on your credit in a  bid to improve it before rushing to apply for mortgage loan.

Present your financial records and salary stubs
Do not approach a lender until you have gathered all the important documents that prove your credibility and trustworthiness. This is where the role of a mortgage broker comes into play. He is a professional who deals with loan officers on a daily basis and also knows the papers that are most important for them in deciding mortgage approval. If you can prove steady employment through salary stubs of last 2 years, chances of obtaining a good mortgage deal increase considerably. For self employed, income tax returns and balance sheets of last 2 years are a must.

How much of a down payment you are willing to pay
Most buyers expect banks to finance maximum money for the purchase of a property. It is true that banks can finance 90% of the value of a home but they do it only when they are sure of income and trustworthiness of the borrower who has a high credit score. To get a great mortgage deal, be ready to cough up as high a percentage of the home value that you can pay out of your own pocket. Lenders like borrowers who show sincerity by paying a high amount as down payment.

Do your homework
Just because a bank is ready to finance your project does not mean you should jump on to the first offer that you receive. There are dozens of lenders with varying mortgage rates and repayment plans. You should study these mortgage plans and make a comparison to find out which mortgage deal suits your circumstances the best. Also, you have the right to negotiate with a bank for lower interest rate if you have a high credit score and feel you deserve a lower rate of interest.

Consider using the services of a Mortgage Broker
Mortgage brokers study the market to connect you with the right rates and the right terms for your circumstances. They do it with patience, plain language, and superior market expertise.

Remember that mortgage is a financial product sold by lenders and they look for customers like you. Grab the deal that is most attractive as ultimately you will be repaying the money in a long time period.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

When looking to buy a home, sell your home or build a new home, we can help!

Not your typical realtor

When it comes to experience, Victor has earned over 17 years in the construction industry. Not only is he knowledgeable in the mechanics of home construction, he also understands warranty standards; mastering everything from the foundation to finishes and space design. He has spent the last 15 years building custom residential homes across southern Manitoba. Trikor Builders has boasted exceptional quality and customer service standards with its countless new construction and renovation projects. 
Having recently joined the Century 21 Bachman & Associates team, Victor has leveraged his experience by adding a strong network to scout the best of the real-estate market.
Whether buying or selling your home, you want a Realtor that has the knowledge and resources to reach the best deal for you as fast as possible. Realtors are trained and licensed to keep customers well informed on their options as they make important buying and/or selling decisions.
Want to put your house on the market? Looking to buy your first home? Want to know more about building a new home? 

Get in contact with a full-service agent - contact Victor Giesbrecht @ 204-782-0908 or

Monday, 13 February 2017

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, non-irritating and odorless gas, so can not be detected by smell.
Those qualities have earned it a reputation as "the silent killer," said Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service public education coordinator Marc Proulx. The gas results from combustion any time fuel is burned in heaters, stoves, lanterns, charcoal grills, portable generators, fireplaces, gas ranges, furnaces or idling car or truck in a garage or enclosed space. Other sources include gasoline-powered tools such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, high-pressure washers, concrete cutting saws, power trowels, and welders.

Everyone is exposed to small amounts of carbon monoxide daily. However, inhaling too much of it can result in CO poisoning. Different people and populations may have different tolerance levels. CO can increase to dangerous levels when combustion fumes become trapped indoors, poorly ventilated or enclosed space. Inhaling these fumes causes CO to build up in your bloodstream, which can lead to severe tissue damage in people and animals who breathe it. When this occurs, you can become unconscious. Death may occur in these cases.

Common causes at homes
i. Collapsed vent cover on the chimney that prevent the deadly gas from escaping.
ii. Idling automobiles with the exhaust pipe blocked by snow.
iii. Winter season when people use their furnaces and fireplaces more aggressively and spend more time indoors.

Most common symptoms
The most common symptoms of CO poisoning is dull headache. Others are;
i.   Nausea                       ii. Dizziness                           iii. Difficulty breathing
iv. Weakness                   v. Chest pain                          vi. Feeling like the world is spinning
vii.Stomach upset          viii. Flu-like effects ix. Vomiting

Possible complications
Even minor cases of CO poisoning can cause serious complications. These may include;
i. Brain damage      iii. Heart damage
ii. Organ damage    iv. Death

How to prevent CO poisoning
i. Household carbon monoxide detector. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated, "carbon monoxide detectors are as important to home safety as smoke detectors are," and recommends each home have at least one carbon monoxide detector, and preferably one on each level of the building. These devices, which are relatively inexpensive and widely available, are either battery- or AC-powered, with or without battery backup.
ii.  Have your heating and air conditioning systems checked twice a year (Spring & Fall)
Ensure there’s plenty of ventilation in areas with appliances that burn gas, wood, propane, or other fuel.
iii. Don’t fall asleep or sit for a long time in an idling car that’s in an enclosed space.
iv. Don’t sleep near a gas or kerosene space heater.
v.  Don’t ignore symptoms of CO poisoning.
Exposed to carbon monoxide?
i. Call 911 immediately if you or someone you know shows signs of CO poisoning.
ii. Shut off the fuel burning appliance, if you know what it is.
iii. Open doors and windows to air the building out.
iv .Call your gas provider, whether it's natural gas or propane, and request an emergency inspection.
v. Those who are unconscious may require CPR on site.


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Spring 2016 Parade of Homes

"Welcome to the 2016 Spring Parade of Homes, the largest and best Parade of Homes anywhere in Canada. The Manitoba Home Builders' Association is proud to present this year's version of our annual showcase of new homes. March is an exciting time of year because it means that spring is just around the corner. The new neighbourhoods throughout our city and province come to life with these fabulous new homes. We are proud and delighted to showcase 32 different builders who will be presenting 123 homes in 30 unique

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Crystal Lake Development in Oakbank, MB


Welcome to the Crystal Lake Development, in Oakbank, Manitoba. Situated only minutes outside of Winnipeg, Oakbank is a wonderful bedroom community which includes the privacy and solitude of country living with

Friday, 8 January 2016

Trikor Builders Teams Up with Maximum Realty

In December of 2015, Trikor Builders General Manager attained his professional REALTOR’s® licence and joined the team at Maximum Realty Ltd. Created in 1994, Maximum Realty Ltd. is a locally owned and operated independent real estate company. Our 50+ agents provide professional real estate services in Residential, New Homes, Condominium, Vacant Land and Investment Properties in all of Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

“I am proud to be a RELATOR and pleased to announce Trikor's commitment to work with Maximum Realty to further our sales efforts. Maximum Realty has been in business for over 20 years, and will bring a greater level of real estate knowledge and guidance to Trikor, and will greatly add to the value that Trikor can bring to their customers”

-Victor Giesbrecht